Rules For The NROPL!

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Rules For The NROPL!

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 12, 2015 6:01 pm

Hello there once again race fans. In this topic, I will announce the rules for the NROPL!

The goal for the NROPL is to be as realistic as Nascar is in real life. We want it to feel real and important to you. So! With this League, rules are as follows....

1- You MUST use your real name when signing up for a car. Also, when signing up to be a team owner, please have a professional sounding name for your team. You can add either Motorsports, Racing, Enterprise, or you can have the word "Team" before you teams name. Ex: "Team Redbull".

2- If you are a team owner, you MUST stay updated with the topics and post in case someone wants to drive for you. They can only drive for you if you approve them. Also if your wondering, yes you can be a team owner and a driver, but if your going to be both then you have to be driving for your team.

3- When telling a painter what sponsor or number you want for your car, make sure to check and see that no one else has that same number or sponsor.

4- In this league, not everyone will have a good chance at winning. Not everyone's engines will be the same. If your driving a Hendrick type car, you have a higher chance at winning. If your driving a Front Row Motorsports type car, then you have a lower chance at winning. BUT! At superspeedway like Daytona and Talladega, everyone's chances are equal.

5- It gets more realistic! In this league, if you have a bad enough crash, your driver will be announced injured. And if the crash is more series, your driver will be announced dead. If a death does occur, then that driver can no longer be in this league...ever!

6-yes, there will be penalties such as points penalty and hard racing penalty. If a driver is too aggressive on track, he can be parked or recieve a points penalty. Also, in real life nascar, drivers argue and fight am I right? Well in this league..boys have at it!

7- And lastly...have fun. If you think there is more ways I can improve my league, feel free to tell me!


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